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We at the Mariner King Inn welcome the opportunity to host your intimate wedding or anniversary celebration in the heart of historic and picturesque Lunenburg. Our Inn originally built as a family home in 1830 continues to offer charm and style in the midst of a classic Victorian setting. 14 rooms including a bridal suite with the most modern conveniences await the arrival of you and your guests. Our Winter Garden Conservatory is the perfect setting for your ceremony.

All Wedding accomodations are subject to seasonal modifications and availability
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Life is too short not to celebrate its milestones. Allow us to provide you with everything desirable, to create a lasting memory of the good things, the fun things and the best thing that life has to offer...togetherness! After all, without each other there is little left to celebrate. At the Mariner King Inn we are ready to host the occasion that will keep your family and friends reminiscing for years to come. Why not consider what we can do for you! 
All Celebration Packages are subject to seasonal modifications and availability
Contact us and see what we can do for you!

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